Career Profile

I am PhD student at CWI’s Database Group. My research is focussed on optimizing database architectures for increasingly heterogeneous modern hardware.


Efficient Query Processing with Optimistically Compressed Hash Tables & Strings in the USSR
Tim Gubner, Viktor Leis and Peter Boncz
ICDE, 2020 Best Paper Award Preprint [PDF], Slides [Link] [PDF]
Fluid Co-processing: GPU Bloom-filters for CPU Joins
Tim Gubner, Diego Tomé, Harald Lang and Peter Boncz
DaMoN @ SIGMOD, 2019 Paper [PDF], Slides [PDF]
Optimizing Group-By And Aggregation using GPU-CPU Co-Processing
Diego Tomé, Tim Gubner, Mark Raasveldt, Eyal Rozenberg and Peter Boncz
ADMS @ VLDB, 2018 Paper [PDF]
Fair Benchmarking Considered Difficult: Common Pitfalls In Database Performance Testing
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, Tim Gubner and Hannes Mühleisen
DBTEST @ SIGMOD, 2018 Paper [PDF]
Designing an adaptive VM that combines vectorized and JIT execution on heterogeneous hardware
Tim Gubner
PhD Symposium @ ICDE, 2018 Preprint [PDF], Slides [PDF]
Exploring Query Execution Strategies for JIT, Vectorization and SIMD
Tim Gubner and Peter Boncz
ADMS @ VLDB, 2017 Paper [PDF], Slides [PDF]


TPC-H on Weld - Comparison of Weld (language for data analytics) to state-of-the-art query paradigms
WhatIsMySchema - Discovers SQL schema from CSV files
dgen - High-performance CSV data generator


Senior Software Engineer

Aug 2014 - Sep 2016
Actian, Amsterdam

Vectorwise team

Intern / Master's Student

Oct 2013 - Jun 2014
Actian, Amsterdam

Master’s project/thesis: Achieving Many-core Scalability in Vectorwise [PDF]