Career Profile

I am PhD student at CWI’s Database Group. My research is focussed on optimizing database architectures for increasingly heterogeneous modern hardware.


Efficient Query Processing with Optimistically Compressed Hash Tables & Strings in the USSR
Tim Gubner, Viktor Leis and Peter Boncz
ICDE, 2020 [accepted] Preprint [PDF]
Fluid Co-processing: GPU Bloom-filters for CPU Joins
Tim Gubner, Diego Tomé, Harald Lang and Peter Boncz
DaMoN @ SIGMOD, 2019 [PDF]
Optimizing Group-By And Aggregation using GPU-CPU Co-Processing
Diego Tomé, Tim Gubner, Mark Raasveldt, Eyal Rozenberg and Peter Boncz
ADMS @ VLDB, 2018 [PDF]
Fair Benchmarking Considered Difficult: Common Pitfalls In Database Performance Testing
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, Tim Gubner and Hannes Mühleisen
Designing an adaptive VM that combines vectorized and JIT execution on heterogeneous hardware
Tim Gubner
PhD Symposium @ ICDE, 2018 Preprint [PDF]
Exploring Query Execution Strategies for JIT, Vectorization and SIMD
Tim Gubner and Peter Boncz
ADMS @ VLDB, 2017 [PDF]


WhatIsMySchema - Discovers SQL schema from CSV files
dgen - High-performance CSV data generator


Senior Software Engineer

Aug 2014 - Sep 2016
Actian, Amsterdam

Vectorwise team

Intern / Master's Student

Oct 2013 - Jun 2014
Actian, Amsterdam

Master’s project/thesis: Achieving Many-core Scalability in Vectorwise [PDF]